So you’ve got an idea. And that idea is about to become a reality. Congrats! Now comes the fun part: Defining your brand and creating your hustle. We’re here to provide you with tips and tricks so you can get busy building your personal or professional brand.

Create content is here to help you identify core value and beliefs for you and your business, define how your new venture fits into your already hectic life and outline your new business practices.


How’s your hustle?

If you’re at a point in your life where you’re trying to explore a new career path or find your life’s passion, hearing about hustling can make you feel tense.

You’re working your butt off trying to discover your true purpose, but how do you know you’re hustling for the right things – things you’re actually passionate about?

Let’s back it up a bit and get some perspective.


The Lotto Ticket

Have you ever felt really lucky? Like really, really lucky; like you could do anything and, no matter what, it will go your way? Why do you feel luckiest when it involves us taking an easy way out of our problems and fears?


Am I A Feminist?

Women everywhere are identifying as feminists, but it seems each woman has a different definition of what being a feminist means. In this post, CampaignHER Gaba Gotay speaks of her own internal struggles standing as a feminist and how she defines her feminist voice.