CampaignHER Recommendations | October 2018

We consume so much media day in and day out, some we retain and some goes in and out of our ears so quickly it’s impossible to digest it all. We here at CampaignHER want to share some of our favorite things from women this October. Get ready to watch, listen, read and follow! 

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“Rosa” | Doctor Who; Season 11, Episode 3

The episode features the Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, and her companions visiting Montgomery, Alabama in 1955 and meeting Rosa Parks days before she refused to move from her seat of a segregated bus to make room for white passengers.


While Doctor Who has the tendency to show the Doctor and his/her companions influencing timelines to bring about important events in history, this go around, they do nothing but protect Rosa Parks from having her world-changing moment on the Montgomery city bus. They do not encourage her to stand up to racism, they don’t defend her decision to remain seated, they are simply there to ensure the moment and all of Rosa’s personal heroics happen without interference and she remains the hero of her own story.

 In her review for the AV Club, Caroline Seide points out,

’Rosa’ isn’t about the Doctor and her companions changing history, it’s about them guarding the timeline so that Rosa’s heroism itself can change the world.


The writing of this episode is gorgeous, and the Doctor and her companions do nothing to romanticize this moment either. They discuss the hardships Rosa Parks and her family continued to face following her stand on the bus and how all people of color continue to experience racism every day.

A few other fun facts to share over a cup of coffee:

  • This is the first episode of all 37 seasons of Doctor Who that was written by a person of color and Malorie Blackman is only the 6th woman to write an episode.

  • Racial tensions, both past and present, are front and center this episode. Language is not toned down and can be uncomfortable, but it’s incredibly important and raw.

  • This Doctor is not only the first female regeneration in the show’s 55-year span, she’s also the first to openly acknowledge her own white privilege.

Doctor Who is on BBC or can be streamed to your device via Amazon Prime.  

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“Congrats on Your Failure” By WorkParty Podcast


Jaclyn Johnson, CEO of Create & Cultivate started a new podcast, WorkParty is loaded with insightful interviews with entrepreneurs about topics important to women seeking to reinvent themselves professionally.



This particular episode was really compelling, highlighting the importance of failing when you’re first getting started. Featuring interviews with guests Maxie McCoy and Sara Blakely, topics discussed include sharing your failures with your community - on social media or IRL, developing a plan B to prepare for failure, and much more.


Read through episode notes here, or (even better) listen on Apple Podcasts.

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Feminasty: The Complicated Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Patriarchy Without Drinking Herself to Death by Erin Gibson


Feminists have the radical belief that women are human beings and deserving of the same rights as men. A feminasty, as defined by comedian Erin Gibson – co-host of the perfectly funny topical podcast Throwing Shade – in her recent book, is a “charming, funny bitch who wants to destroy the status quo by any means necessary.”



Feminasty is a hilariously raw, unapologetic collection of essays on some of the most important issues facing women in this day and age. Her book covers off on men running the make-up industry, the lifetime costs of having periods, the grossness of dress codes and explaining #MeToo to the people who don’t get it.

 Erin is as in-your-face as she is relatable about how these issues and more impact women of all shapes, sizes and colors. We definitely encourage you to read or listen. (She does all the voices in her audio book.)


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Antonia Saint NY

Imagine your favorite pair of black heels or flats. They go with everything, they’re gorgeous to look at, and they’re uncomfortable as hell. Antonia Saint NY has perfected the shoe games by making an essential heel and flat “looks classic on the outside, and feels like a sneaker on the inside.”

They’re custom fit and designed shoes, are gorgeous and equally wearable, designed to give you the comfort and support typically missing from your usual heels. Not only that, in addition to providing their signature black heel, they’re providing women with an essential nude version too, designed specifically to compliment an array of skin tones.

The woman behind the shoes, Antonia Saint Dunbar, has been called a “Feminist Genius” and we’re so here for it. Before she created the shoes we all want to have in our closet, she co-founded THINX, where she designed and patented the first period-proof underwear.

Learn a bit more about Antonia and the kick-ass job she’s doing for us ladies in heels (or flats) here.

How We Stopped Suffering For Fashion | Funded in America

“This is a project we’re doing together.” #FundedInAmerica

Posted by SoulPancake on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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@ByMariAndrew on Instagram


Simple illustrations and the knack to write exactly what we need to hear at any given time, Mari Andrew’s sweet Instagram is an excellent follow on Instagram.

Her posts are calming, and heartbreaking, and warming, and brave. We really enjoyed her Astrological sign series that seemed to not only accurately point out the things about ourselves we are most proud of, but also the things we seem to have the greatest anxiety for.  

Follow her on Instagram here.

What was something you read, listened to, followed or watched this month that you wanted to share with the women in your life? Tell us in the comments below!