Our Story

So, you’ve decided you want more in life.

You’ve woken up, looked around at thought you could do more. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and a fire inside yourself pushing you to chase your passion. There’s just one problem:

You don’t know what you’re passionate about.

Every book, every podcast, every website about chasing your dreams is designed for women with a starting point. They know their brand and their business; they have identified their passion. That’s not you. And that’s why you’re here.

You are now a CampaignHER.

You need help discovering your life’s purpose. Once you find it, you need advice on how to take that passion and create something meaningful. And finally, once you’ve fine-tuned and built that meaningful brand, you’re looking for practical tips to help make it successful.

That’s the campaign, ladies. Inspire. Create. Succeed.

Let’s get started.


The campaign



dear me,

a letter to my future self from my former self





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